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Leave tomorrow

one month of laziness

I leave Canada again tomorrow.  Over the past few years it begins to feel the same.  I live in one place, then leave after a few years.  It also seems the same, as I almost never pack ahead of time.  This time is also no exception.

I am sitting in my room surrounded by mountains of clothes and various other items.  I hope that this pile will make it into two bags by tomorrow at 7am, or I am in trouble. 

I will enjoy a long journey to Nicaragua.  The plane leaves from Ottawa at 10am on Saturday, and I actually arrive in Managua at 9pm on Sunday night.  The plan takes quite a direct route through Toronto and Houston.  Since I was lucky enough to use points to book my journey, I get the best schedule, with a 25 hour layover in Houston.  This should provide me with enough rest and relaxation before landing in Central America.

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