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I am sitting in the lounge at Houston International Airport waiting for my flight to Managua.  I had a beautiful 24 hour layover in Houston.  It would have been a 25 hour layover, but the flight from Toronto to Houston was delayed on hour.  at 9pm tonight, I will be in Managua, which will end a 35 hour journey to my destination.

Several highlights of my stopover in Houston.

  • randomly meeting a Canadian and 2 South Africans, and going into the city last night, sharing some beers, and American food, while watching the local Houstanites/Houstonians, walk up and down Main Street in their special Halloween costumes.  I have never seen so many people dressed as police women, fire women, or strippers in my life.  It was quite the experience.
  • a lady working at the hotel asking me where Ottawa was
  • enjoying the self check-in station for Continental and paying an extra 50 dollars for my overweight bag due to my 24 hour layover.

For the next 5 days, I will be staying with Ronald in Managua, who is director for SchoolBOX in Nicaragua.  www.schoolbox.ca .  I will then move up into a village for 4 weeks or longer to learn Spanish, which will be very interesting, and worthwhile.

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