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Nicaragua Observations

November 16, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Young boy helping his family catch dinner.

I have been in Nicaragua for just over two weeks.  My Spanish is starting to pick up, as I am taking 4 hours of lessons a day, and I am also staying in a village in which no one speaks English.

Thus far, I have visited Leon, Granada, Masaya, and a bit of Managua.  I am excited at the prospect of visiting a few apartments on Friday, when I return back to Managua for a few weeks of SchoolBOX meetings.  After these two weeks, I will be heading back to Catarina for two more weeks of Spanish lessons, before I travel up to Honduras and Guatamala for Christmas.

A few things that happened to me:

  • I watched two young boys catch their family dinner by using a small spear and rope to tie up fish in the lagoon while taking my Spanish lesson on Wedneday.  It was pretty amazing their tenacity and determination to catch their family food.  They even showed me how they did it, and I was quite amazed
  • I went to San Juan del Sur on the weekend.  It is on the West Cost, near the Costa Rican border.  For the last 20km,  hitched a ride in the back of a truck – very common in Nicaragua.  Locals are very willing to help.
  • I finally took a few of those schoolbuses that seve as public transportation in Nicaragua.  It brought me back to my days in primary school, except for the people hanging off the side of the bus.
  • I hitchhiked with a friend in a passing taxi.  I found this hilarious, as the other person paid the fare, and this was supposedly completely normal.
  • So many people come from disjointed families.  The majority of people I meet tell stories of numerous brothers and sisters scattered around the country.  I am amazed of stories of 20 or more brothers and sisters from numerous fathers and mothers.  It is very common and accepted.   I will write more about this as I do more research.
San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Hitchhiking to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Hitchhiking to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

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