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World Series Game in Managua

February 7, 2011 1 comment

The posts have not been coming so quickly as in previous months.  Things have got very busy at work, and other things are taking priority.  I will try to make a point of getting more posts up, as it acts as a sort of digital diary for me, and it serves as a medium to let my parents know I am still alive, or not in jail.

I attended a World Series game in Managua.  It was Game 2 of the World Series, and I went with three friends.  We got the second best tickets for $C100, which translates into about $4.50.  The best tickets were $9 and they were in the open bar zone.  That seemed a little dangerous on the 35 degree day with no cover.

I must say that the game in itself was a crazy experience.  I have never seen a baseball game in Central America before.  The game itself was pretty standard, but the atmosphere was an event in itself.

I have pieced together some photos of the event so that I could do it justice

The stadium was almost full. The game started at 11am, which is quite early, but later on we would realize that it started this early, so that the crowd would not get rowdier.

When you think of typical baseball food in North America, we think of hot dogs, nachos, fries, beer, etc. In Nicaragua, there are some of the same elements. The major difference between the food here is the chaotic nature behind the selling. There are bbq stands everywhere, and people throwing up cans of beer into the stands. I bought this dish from a bbq stand, and it consisted of rice, beans, tortillas, salad, and beef. Great stuff.













The team name was the Indians or Boer in Spanish. They had two mascots sponsored by Claro, one of the larger mobile phone operators in the country. As you can see, safety is not a priority, as he repeatedly climbed the backstop netting to hype up the crowd. He even had an assistant, a young boy of about 9 years old, who also climbed the fence.






A man was walking amongst the crowd painting faces. He used a stencil, but he did not use ordinary non toxic face paint as they would in North America. He used industrial strength spray paint. The fumes were horrendous, but everyone in the crowd seemed to want one.





At the end of the game, the riot squad came onto the field, and also a school bus drove to the front of the visitors dugout. They school bus collected the visiting team so that they would not get pelted by water, fruit and other items.
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